First Aid Courses


This course contains the most factual information currently available on medically important spiders and scorpions. It's designed to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding that when a spider or scorpion medical emergency occurs, it can be dealt with effectively and quickly.

It covers identification characteristics, symptoms, recommended first aid treatment. It also answers the questions of when self-medication is an option, or when professional medical assistance is required.

No prior knowledge of spiders or scorpions is necessary.

Introduction: Spiders and scorpion pose a serious health threat in many places around the world. Bites and stings from these creatures cost millions of dollars each year in the form of emergency evacuations, medical treatment and lost production.

It is vital to understand and treat a spider bite or scorpions sting before an emergency occurs. This is especially true if you have medical staff on-site, or your area of operation is far from a major medical facility. The First aid for spider bites and scorpion stings course is aimed at medics and first aid personnel who must deal with spider and scorpion related injuries.

Duration is half day and includes a presentation, first aid guide and workbook. The course is presented in English.

Biomimicry Walk

12pm to 2pm, 26th June 2022, Kloofendal Nature Reserve. The miracle of nature is that whenever there has been a challenge, there is an organism that has found a way to conquer it. Join Jonathan Leeming on a practical exploration of the environment to discover inspiration that will help us solve the challenges of our time.
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Spider & Scorpion Identification Course

Saturday 9th July 2022, 9am to 12pm, Kloofendal Nature Reserve. This 3 hour practical course offers vital understanding for everyone who wishes to increase their spider and scorpion identification skills. This course offers the most comprehensive 84 page identification guide available, by presenting an identification framework consisting on 4 key characteristics that can be applied in the field to both spiders and scorpions. Presented by Jonathan Leeming.
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South African Snakebite Symposium

I'm proud to be presenting at the first ever South African Snakebite Symposium on the 29th to 31st July 2022 at Kwanyoni Lodge, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. It is an opportunity to create understanding and increase awareness of effective management of snakebite in South Africa. My contribution is in the area of spider bites and scorpions stings. I will be presenting the following 2 sessions that present a framework that reduces the risk of being bitten of sting by spiders or scorpions, and ensures the best possible outcome should a bite or sting occur in humans or pets. 
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Morning Creepy Crawly Walk

8:30am to 11:30am, 21st August 2022, Crocodile River Reserve. Join Jonathan Leeming on a morning walk in the Crocodile River Reserve during which, participants will be introduced to some of the creepy crawlies that inhabit the reserve. All animals are released back into where they came from. This popular event teaches conservation and respect for all creatures. Essential understanding for nurturing the next generation, who will inherit the future.
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