Spiders of Southern Africa

Natural History Presentation by Jonathan Leeming


Spiders are everywhere, so common that there is an urban story that states we are never more than 2m away from the nearest spider! However, although spiders are familiar to us all, our perceptions of them are based in fear and dread. Behind our misperceptions of these animals is a world of fascination and wonderment. They produce silk, spin the most intricate webs, live fast and action packed lives and possess superpowers well beyond our own capabilities. 


  • Introduction
  • Natural History
  • Habitat
  • Predators and prey
  • Identification
  • Common species (customised to your area)
  • Medically Important species

The Spiders of Southern Africa presentation is 45 minutes in duration with an optional additional 15 minute question and answer session. It can be presented in conjunction with the Essential Spiderbite First Response Presentation to create a 2 hour event. Bring your copy of Scorpions of Southern Africa or One World for Jonathan to sign.

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  • The competency to include spiders into a guided experience. 
  • Able to identify common spiders.
  • Able to identify medically important spiders. 
  • Knowledge of the natural history of spiders.


  • Common local species of scorpion can be included into the presentation. 
  • A practical component can be added. 

Want More Awesomeness?

Essential Spiderbite First Response

The Spiders of Southern Africa presentation provides the foundations for my Essential Spiderbite First Response presentation. Together they make up a 2 hour event. 
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Practical Activity

For an event to remember, add a practical activity in search of spiders, to the Spiders of Southern Africa presentation. 
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