Spider & Scorpion First Aid Workshop

Learning should be an exploration


Spiders and scorpions represent a conundrum within the human mind. Only a few species are venomous enough to cause great harm to us and in rare cases death. However, with so much misinformation, I think it is it is difficult for the average person to get to grips with this fascinating subject, and understand how to treat a spider bite or scorpion sting effectively.

The spider and scorpion first aid workshop is a practical introduction to the fascinating subject of spider bites and scorpion sting first response. It is based upon a new first response framework that Jonathan has developed that reduces the chance of being bitten by a spider or stung by a scorpion. And also, ensures the best possible outcome should a spider bite or scorpion sting occur in humans and animals.

The workshop consists of an outdoor presentation during which Jonathan will share visuals that help the participants see the bigger picture, and fast track their understanding of this subject. Afterwards there will be an interactive session that teaches the 4 factors that influence symptom severity, and how these factors have a profound impact upon the outcome of a bite or sting.

Then finally the participants will spend some time in search of spiders and scorpions, focusing upon the natural history, identification and practical aspects of these fascinating creatures.


  • 2 Hour workshop.
  • In the field presentation with visuals and participative activity.
  • Practical searching for spiders and scorpions. 

Topics Covered

  • Identification of medically significant species.
  • Symptoms in humans and animals. 
  • Factors that influence symptom severity.
  • First response and where to get help.

Ideal For?

  • Everyone who enjoys the great outdoors!
  • Field guides and lodge staff.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Employees who work in areas inhabited by spiders and scorpions. 
  • Conservationists and field workers.
  • Hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners. 

Learning Should Be An Exploration

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