Republishing Guidelines

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Unless specified, all content on this website is original and copyright Jonathan Leeming. You may republish this material online or in print under our creative commons license.  Just a couple of requirements for using my content. 

  • All material is original content unless specified, and may be used unedited or altered.
  • You are welcome to republish any of my articles or media in your free or free access publication. These includes electronic publications, inclusion on websites. You must ask me for permission first. 
  • If published in a "paid for", "members only" or "restricted access" media, then you must get written authorisation from me before publication. 
  • You may not sell or distribute together with a paid product, any of my work.
  • Using my material in any training manual, document, presentation or public exhibit is prohibited.
  • All republished material must be credited as  "Jonathan Leeming" where the material is used. This accreditation must be on every photo where the photo is used. 
  • For print re-pubication, please contact me and I will supply print resolution images and graphics. 
  • I'd also like to see where my work is being published. Please send me a link to your publication, or image of how and where my work has been used. I may just help promote your publication or website!

Send all requests to reuse or republish any of my photos and content to 

Please note that this information on this website is copyright Jonathan Leeming. Send all requests to reuse or republish any of my photos and content to 

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