Books and loupes for understanding the world.

One World by Jonathan Leeming

Get your signed copy of Jonathan's award winning book. One World is for everyone who:

  • Feels they are living in a period of change.
  • Feels uncertain about the future.
  • Wants to make the world a better place.

One World is divided into 3 sections. The first section, Right Here, Right Now, is an exploration of our current situation. Creating An Understanding, touches upon the broader and more important concepts that create the foundations for a sustainable mindset. The Future Starts Now, focuses upon the change management, innovation and leadership that is so desperately needed to create our new world.

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R280 each

Scorpions of Southern Africa by Jonathan Leeming

Jonathan's Scorpions of Southern Africa is the definitive reference for anyone interested in conservation and the smaller animals. Published in 2003, it has been revised and expanded in 2019.

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R260 each

Spider Nature Explorer

The Spider Nature Explorer focuses upon a child’s interest and fascination for spiders to create opportunities for developing reading skills, learning and comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, interpretation skills, observational skills and speaking skills. The contents have been designed to align to the Cambridge curriculum as well as the CAPS curriculum and is suitable for home schools and a holiday activity, 144 Pages, developed and written by award winning author, professional speaker and conservationist, Jonathan Leeming.

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R220 each

10 Times magnification, 30mm Loupe

I used these high quality 20 times magnification loupes in my courses. Wide field of view, almost indestructible and just the right magnification for identifying spiders, scorpions. Also used by field guides for looking at rocks, grasses, insects and the smaller aspects of the natural world. 

R140 each

20 Times magnification, 18mm Folding Loupe

For a higher magnification, these 20 times magnification loupes are idea foe field work. Used for identifying spiders and scorpions as well as for looking at rocks, grasses, insects and the smaller aspects of the natural world. 

R140 each

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