Snakebite Resources

Essential Snake Bite Resouces

The following documents are the official Snakebite National Management Guidelines as published by the South African Snakebite Working Group. The are the definitive guide to snake bite response in Southern Africa. They include flipper charts for the laymen, emergency care provider, hospital care provider and the Netcare Snakebite Patient Assessment.

 Layman Snakebite Flipper Card 

Snakebite First Aid Reference
Download 6.1mb PDF

Emergency Care Provider Snakebite Flipper Card  

Snakebite First Aid Reference
Download 4.9mb PDF

Hospital Care Provider Snakebite Flipper Card 

Snakebite First Aid Reference
Download 4.9mb PDF

Netcare Snakebite Patient Assessment

Snakebite Assessment
Download 303kb PDF

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