There is a parable that sums up what I do. If a man watches a blind man walking towards a well, and the blind man falls in, who is to blame? The blind man, or the man watching?

I'm on a mission to create 100,000 interventions that help humanity understanding spider bites and scorpion stings just a little bit better! As from 1st January 2024, I'll be counting page views, downloads, book sales, short course participants, assessments, event participants, radio interviews and social media discussions, that contribute towards the following:

  • Reduce the chance of being bitten by a spider and stung by a scorpion. 
  • Ensure the best possible outcome, should a spider bite or scorpion sting occur in humans or animals. 

That's 100,000 tiny steps to understanding the world, 100,000 tiny steps to understanding our relationship with ourselves. 


You Can Help!

You can help me reach 100,000 interactions by sharing my free content, organising an event for your organisation or inviting me to speak at your conference or symposium.  Together WE CAN change tomorrow today.

Scorpion Sting First Response Short Course Poster

Download the Scorpion Sting First Response Short Course poster and display it in your education centre, bird hide, notice board of include it in your newsletter.  The poster is A4 in size and can be scaled to A3.

A3/ A4 Poster, 3.5mb PDF
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