Scorpion Sting First Response Book

Essential Scorpion Sting First Response by Jonathan Leeming


This book pulls back the curtain on one of my favourite creatures. It offers a unique perspective into their secret lives that has been my privilege to be part of since before I wrote Scorpions Of Southern Africa in 2003. It will challenge your assumptions, and portray them in a way you have probably never thought of before. It is the beginning of a new understanding and new relationship with the natural world.

It answers 2 very important questions:

  • How to reduce the chance of being stung by a scorpion.
  • How to ensure the best possible outcome for scorpion stings in humans and animals. 

Based upon the latest research, understanding of envenomation and scorpion natural history to provide a science-driven approach to scorpion sting first response within the context of southern Africa.

The contents of the book provide a framework for effective first response. This framework provides the structure for presentations, events and online resources. .

Publish date end of March 2024.

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