Natural History Presentations

Natural history presentations are great for educating your audience. They are informative and presented in an interesting way. Supported by the Nature Explorer Workbooks and Public Events.

Presented by best selling author, award winning conservationist, and international speaker Jonathan Leeming.

Spiders of Southern Africa

Spiders are everywhere, so common that there is an urban story that states we are never more than 2m away from the nearest spider! However, although spiders are familiar to us all, our perceptions of them are based in fear and dread. Behind out misperceptions of these animals is a world of fascination and wonderment. They produce silk, spin the most intricate webs, live fast and action packed lives and possess superpowers well beyond our own capabilities. 
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Scorpions of Southern Africa

Although scorpions are common in Southern Africa, the average person knows little about them except that they have venom. As author of Scorpions of Southern Africa, Jonathan will take the audience through the life of these misunderstood creatures, lifting the veil of venomosity and uncovering a world of of fascination, intrigue and wonder. 
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First Response Presentations

My first response presentations are based upon a new framework that I have developed. This frameworks focuses upon 2 questions: 1) How to reduce the chance of being bitten by a spider or stung by a scorpion. 2) How to ensure the best possible outcome for spider bites and scorpion stings in humans and animals.

Supported by the Essential Scorpion Sting First Response Book  and the Scorpion Sting First Response Free Short Course. Presented by best selling author, award winning conservationist, and international speaker Jonathan Leeming.

Essential Spider Bite First Response

This Essential Spider Bite First Response presentation provides a structured framework that will greatly reduce the risk of being bitten by a spider, and provide the best possible outcome, should a spider bite occur in both humans and pets. This framework of understanding can be applied anytime and anywhere, does not require any special equipment. Essential life skills for everyone who may encounter a spider at home, at work or in the environment.
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Essential Scorpion Sting First Response

This 45 minute presentation that focuses upon the key points of effective scorpion sting first response. Suitable for all ages, this presentation is supported by the Essential Scorpion sting First response Book and Free Short Course.
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Special Event Presentations

These presentations offer something beyond facts and figures. Each presentation touches the audience deep down to explore our values and beliefs not only towards venomous animals but also the world around us. Powerful analogies for upgrading our values and beliefs. These presentations are funny, poignant and offer an important take home message. Ideal for dinner meetings, fund raising events, special meetings and more formal events. The message of these presentation can be link to the topic of the event. 

Presented by best selling author, award winning conservationist, and international speaker Jonathan Leeming.

Bite Me!

How spiders can help us overcome the challenges of our time
Bite Me! leverages our perceptions of spiders and their bites to demonstrate how our values and beliefs can be detached from reality. It’s a powerful analogy that connects to the audience deep down inside. It’s unique, a little bit strange, funny, has some epic poignant moments that teach us an important lesson about our values and beliefs towards the world.
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Deadly Innovation

Unlocking innovation for a sustainable future
Deadly Innovation explores how innovation to solve the challenges of our time, will come from the most unlikely of sources. Why clutching on to your outdated values and beliefs is holding you back, and how being open to solutions, is going to help you create the future that you so desperately desire.
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The Creepy That Crawl

The story of venomous creepy crawlies in our garden and home
A highly interactive and entertaining story of our relationship with the environment that focuses upon the venomous creepy crawlies that can be found in our homes (spiders, scorpions, centipedes and snakes). Presented in a workshop style, there are no visuals which allows the conversation to flow to where ever the audience wants to go, pulling it back to a conclusion.
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Learning Should Be An Exploration

Step into my world and join one of my public events. If you have your own group, or would like to arrange an event for your organisation, then email and include your event ideas, date, venue and contact details.  

Public events and lectures
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