Natural History Presentations

Presentations that educate and inspire

Educational and entertaining presentations that delve into the secret lives of spiders, scorpions and snakes. Essential knowledge and understanding for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors. These presentations offer the foundations for understanding snakes, spiders and scorpions. Presented by best selling author, award winning conservationist, and international speaker Jonathan Leeming.

My Essential First Response Presentations follow on from these presentations.

Spiders of Southern Africa

Spiders are everywhere, so common that there is an urban story that states we are never more than 2m away from the nearest spider! However, although spiders are familiar to us all, our perceptions of them are based in fear and dread. Behind out misperceptions of these animals is a world of fascination and wonderment. They produce silk, spin the most intricate webs, live fast and action packed lives and possess superpowers well beyond our own capabilities. 
Spiders Of Southern Africa

Scorpions of Southern Africa

Although scorpions are common in Southern Africa, the average person knows little about them except that they have venom. As author of Scorpions of Southern Africa, Jonathan will take the audience through the life of these misunderstood creatures, lifting the veil of venomosity and uncovering a world of of fascination, intrigue and wonder. 
Scorpions Of Southern Africa

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