Lodge Staff Training

Hop-on Hop-off training for all levels of staff


Lodge training traditionally centres around field guide training, however, there are opportunities to include the lodge staff, backoffice staff and guests involved with activities. There are opportunities to connect your staff to sustainability objectives and targets, as well as learning how to incorporate sustainability into the guided experience.

Lodge training consists of various activities that can be scheduled around operational requirements, participant availability and guest schedule. These activities include lectures, courses, practical field trips and guest activities.

There are 4 areas where I can particularly add value:

  • Management: Emergency response plan and protocol for all bites and stings. 
  • Field guides: Spider & Scorpion training, as well as sustainability training. Self study material is available. 
  • Staff: Responding to a snake, spider or scorpion onsite. Emergency protocols for bites and stings.
  • Guests: Formal lectures on a variety of conservation, fire side chats, sustainability and first response subjects. I can help with appropriate information for client rooms regarding venomous animals.

These activities may be formal or informal. Suitable for organisations such as lodges and field guide training schools that require a flexible training scheduled to accommodate various participants and their work schedule.

Training is costed per day, plus transport to the location. Training materials and books are costed separately if required. Certificates can be supplied for participants that complete any course or workshop.

Suggested Training Activities Include

Arachnid Course

This practical course covers 4 major groups of arachnids including, spiders, scorpions, amblypygids and solifugids. Although this course focuses upon practical field work and includes lectures, 150 page workbook and student presentations. Suitable for multi-day training such as lodge training, field guide training and environmental training organisations.
Arachnid Course

One World Workshops

Sustainability means different things to different people depending on their now circumstances, who they are, and where they live and work. One World Workshops create dialogue, and connect participants to the organisation’s sustainability targets and objectives. It also helps participants understand what sustainability is for them, and their role in achieving targets and objectives. Ideal for all staff.
One World Workshops

Biomimicry Workshop

Biomimicry is a great addition to the guided experience. It highlights the value of the natural world through an exploration of the natural world in search of how nature solves challenges through form, processes and systems. It also highlights how we can adopt natural principles to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.

Natural History Presentations

After over 25 years of professional speaking, I’ve developed mind altering, educational and entertaining presentations guaranteed inspire any audience! Today, it has never been more important to understand the world. My presentations inspire and change perceptions of some of the most venomous creatures on earth! They close the disconnection between society and the wonders of the natural world.
Natural History Presentations

Essential First Response

Over the past 25 years, I’ve been involved with various medical organisations that deal with bites and stings, written training manuals, spoken at medical conferences, delivered course on bites and stings, as well as been involved practically with bites and stings. From all of this experience, I have developed a framework that can be applied to any bite of sting which greatly reduces the risk of being bitten or stung, and provides the best possible outcome, should a bite of sting occur in humans and pets.
Essential First Response

Conservation Leadership Workshop

This practical and challenging workshop focuses upon becoming a catalyst for change by stepping up to the conservation and sustainability challenge. Linked to the organisations sustainability goals and objectives, this workshop is a must for every staff member who engages guests.
Conservation Leadership

Training Manuals & Materials

I have various training manuals and materials available on different subjects, from conservation, envenomation and sustainability. These can be included into training where necceesary. 
Training Manuals & Materials
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