Conservation Leadership

Furthering Conservation Through Effective Leadership


As we live in the future of a decade ago, never before has mankind been so uncertain about the future, and at the same time, never before have we been in such a position to solve the challenges of our time. As we stand at the edge of a new world, there exists a sense of fear, anticipation and anxiety regarding the seemingly unfamiliar but not too distant future. But how do we create the world that we want, rather than a world that gets handed down to us?

As conservationists and sustainability champions, we have failed to communicate our message in an effective and compelling way. As a catalyst for change, we have to realise that sustainability is not about saving the environment, but rather about saving ourselves who just so happens to rely upon the environment for our very existence. Without that link between the environment and society, our message will fail, and our impact will be lost.

The Conservation Leadership Workshop focuses upon becoming a catalyst for change by stepping up to the conservation and sustainability challenge, and communicating your message to the world in the most effective way possible. Presented by author, professional speaker and conservationist, Jonathan Leeming.

The Conservation Leadership workshop as the following structure.:

  • Introduction.
  • Conservation and sustainability in todays world.
  • Stepping up to the challenge.
  • Why it is important to get your message out there!
  • What is your message.
  • Basics of communication (practical).
  • Creating connection.
  • Developing structure (practical).
  • Communication toolkit (practical).
  • Putting it all together (practical).
  • Changing the world!

For up to 20 participants with a duration is half/ full day.


Full or half day practical and interactive workshop.


  • Full day practical workshop, designed to push participants through their comfort zone.
  • Maximum participants per session 20.
  • Minimum participants per session 8.

Suitable For

  • Essential for field guides and lodge staff.
  • Conservationists and sustainability champions.
  • Green team leaders.
  • Field guides and lodge staff.
  • Special interest groups.
  • Conservation speakers.
  • Conservation organisations, training schools and organisations pursuing conservation or sustainability goals.
  • Everyone who communicates a conservation or sustainability message to the world.
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