Nature Explorer Workbooks

Learning should be an exploration

The Nature Explorer series of workbooks, focusing upon learning through exploration and practical activities. Each workbook contain fascinating and easy to understand and practical information. They include information, diagrams, multiple choice questions, and practical activities. Ideal self study workbooks for field guides, trackers, conservation students,  home schools and individuals who are interested in spiders and scorpions. Perfect for participants at remote sites, at lodges, field guide training schools, and as a holiday activity.

Developed and written by award winning conservationist and best selling author, Jonathan Leeming.

Sneek peek, downloads, free resources.
Sneek peek, downloads, free resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you write the Nature Explorer series of workbooks?

I wrote the Nature Explorer books as a way to develop an understanding of some of the more misunderstood creatures. Each Nature Explorer is written in an easy to understand language, suitable for a wide range of people. They create understanding of these creatures by focuses upon 30 species of commonly encountered animal, examining their natural history, our relationship with these animals and putting their existence into a bigger perspective.

Are the Nature Explorer workbooks suitable for Field Guide Training Schools?

Yes. Although spiders and scorpions are only a tiny part of the FGASA curriculum, the contents add immense value to the guide and guests. Field Guides can be given the Nature Explorer as a self study (without the answers to the multiple choice questions). Practical activities can be arranged to enrich and align to the guided experience. The Nature Explorer can be marked onsite, the results emailed to Jonathan and a certificate issued. 

Are the Nature Explorer workbooks suitable for home schooling?

Yes. The language used is suitable for home school groups and environmental training organisations. Each book provides information, plus activities that help the learner interpret what they have learned in a practical way. The books can be linked to a practical field trip.

Are the Nature Explorer workbooks applicable to all areas of Southern Africa?

Yes! They has been designed to be applicable to any location in Southern Africa. They focus upon species of spider or scorpion sthat are widespread and easy to recognise. Perfect for any site in Southern Africa including nature reserves and national parks.

Are medically important spiders and scorpions included?

Yes! The books teach how to identify spiders and scorpions. There are sections on venom and medically important spiders and scorpions, should we be afraid? These topics are also included in the multiple choice questions. The Nature Explorer books set the foundations for understanding spiders and scorpions, that ultimately, are important for effective first response. 

What is the minimum age for the Nature Explorer workbooks ideal for?

The Nature Explorer books are suitable for nurturing an interest in nature from a young age. The language is easy to understand and there are a few scientific words but these are kept to a minimum. If the child can read and is interested in nature, then they will benefit from the workbooks. The workbooks are written in English.

Do you have any spider and scorpion posters that can be downloaded?

Yes. If you go to you will find links to the free resources associated with each book. Help yourself and forward them to anyone who may benefit from these resources.

Will the Nature Explorer workbooks help me overcome the fear of spiders or scorpions?

Yes. With an increase knowledge and understanding comes a reduction of fear. The Nature Explorer workbooks focus upon understanding value in the greater scheme of things. There is a section entitled 'Should we be afraid?' which addresses fear. Other section entitled ‘misinformation' tackles the most common misperceptions and misinformation that cloud our understanding of these animals. 

Can I earn a certificate for completing the Nature Explorer Workbooks?

Yes. Certificates can be arranged. If you are affiliated to a home school, lodge or training institute, ask your manager to facilitate the process of marking the workbooks and checking the completed activities. Your manager can then contact me to arrange for your certificates.

Can the Nature Explorer books be used as a practical course training manual?

Yes. The Nature Explorer books are essential training manuals which can be self studied or used as part of a facilitated practical course. Contact Jonathan to discuss arranging a course for your organisation or group in your area. 

I'm on a mission to reduce the burden of spider bites and scorpion stings across Southern Africa!
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