Spider Nature Explorer

Learning should be an exploration

The Spider Nature Explorer uncovers a world that is so familiar, yet largely unknown. It is packed with fascinating information such as the lifecycle of spiders, differences between males and females, anatomy,  spider identification, behaviour, responding to threats, where they live, predators, prey and parasites, venom, medically important spiders, communication, eyes and eye sight, super senses, biotechnology, why they come into houses, and their value in the world!

Written in a simple, practical and easy to understand language. There are 172 pages of spider information, multiple choice questions, practical field work activities and more.

The Spider Nature Explorer is ideal for nature and adventure guides, hunters, conservation students, nature enthusiasts, or just someone who wants to understand spiders that they encounter at home or on holiday.

Free Spider Nature Explorer Resources

Download these free resources and share! If you would like the solutions to the below puzzles, or you have lost your Spider Nature Explorer solutions, then please send me a request to Info@JonathanLeeming.com

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7 comments on “Spider Nature Explorer”

  1. I was at your book launch, and hung on to every word that you said. There were 2 things that really made me think. The value of every aspects of the natural world, and how we are afraid of spiders not because of what we know, but because of what we do not know.

    I bought your book for my son who now sleeps with it under his pillow. He also talks to spiders as if they are his new best friends! Thank you for your time and effort into the work that you are doing. You are a true inspiration to all of us. We will be joining you on one of your walks at Kloofendal.

    1. Hi Magda

      Thank you for the kind comments. There has never been more urgent to understand the world around us, and as time goes on, this urgency will become more and more important. Thank you for reminding me that my books are not just read, but are a catalyst for change.

      I look forward to meeting you and your son on one of my creepy crawly walks.

  2. I love your book! It is so appropriate for a my sone who is studying to be a field guide. I have also been reading it and I will be able to approach spiders with so much more interesting knowledge. The book is so easy to understand and read. I'm going to download the posters and have them laminated.

    1. Thank you for your comments Anne. I wrote the book to field guides or anyone interested in spiders understand not only these creatures, but how they fit into the greater scheme of things. If we can understand and recognise the value that spiders offer the world, then we are one step closer to the conservation all aspects of the environment for the next generation.

  3. I've always struggled to use The spider books that I have because they are very formal and not easy to read or use. The spider nature explorer explains everything I see in my garden and home in an easy to understand way. It makes it so easy to appreciate spiders more as I can see with my own eyes what you are referring to. Yesterday I sat next to a spider in a web, just looking at it and thinking of silk, how it made the web and the silk as a technology. Things that I have never thought of before. I also like the way you have put spiders into a greater context. I'm a big fan of your work and look forward to your next book.

  4. As a field guide I found your new nature explorer book very applicable to me. I contains all the interesting information without the long words. Something I can tell my guests.

    1. Hi Ross

      Thank you for the comment! I consider the Spider Nature Explorer as applicable to every guide. You may be interested in a distance learning pack containing both Nature Explorers, additional content and a certificate.

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