Biomimicry Walk

Explore, discover and be inspired by the natural world


The miracle of nature is that whenever there has been a challenge, there is an organism that has found a way to conquer it. There are just over 8.7 million described plants and animals on Earth which are essentially individual science experiments, perpetually testing out new ways of doing things in order to find a better way. There is no doubt that we have much to learn from this 4.85 billion years of natural capital accumulation. Since humans live under the same laws of nature and under the same conditions, it makes sense that we learn from the inner workings of the natural world.

Join Jonathan Leeming on an exploration of the natural world in search of how nature offers solution to the challenges of our time, and how we can adopt natural principles to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives.


The Biomimicry Walk consists of a 2 hour guided walk through a natural area exploring how nature is designed to the current requirements of our time.


An understanding how nature overcomes challenges of our time and how we can live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. Suitable for all ages and all locations.

Ideal For?

  • University students.
  • Field guides. 
  • School learners.
  • Home school learners.
  • General public wanting to understand sustainability and live a better life.

Biomimicry Workshop

Want to delve deeper into biomimicry and explore how we can adopt natural principles to live healthier, happier and more meaningful lives. This practical workshop includes a certificate and Biomimicry Handbook. 

Biomimicry Workshop
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