Creepy Crawly Walk

Connecting values and beliefs to reality, and reality to the future.


This unique event leverages perceptions of venomous animals, to create a deeper awareness and connection not only to the environment, but also who we are. 

Our understanding and connection to the world operates upon the following levels. 

  • Those of us who are completely disconnected and completely unaware of the world around them.
  • Those of us who are aware of the world, but don't pay too much attention. Superficial perceptions of the world create a distraction from what truly matters in life.
  • Those of us with an outward flow or awareness. These are the labellers and namers, those people who can name species of trees, insects, birds and mammals, but lack an understanding of how it all fits together.
  • Those of us who have an inward flow of awareness of the environment. The environment feeds them, provides order and sanity in a world gone mad. They don't have to name everything or understand natural processes. These are the people who can sit under a tree, go for a walk, and experience a sense of being and connection. 

The aim of this creepy crawly walk is to enable participants to increase their connectedness and understanding of the environment. It explores our values and beliefs, who we aspire to be which in turn connect to the future.

This unique event is presented by Jonathan Leeming.

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10 comments on “Creepy Crawly Walk”

  1. Jonathan you were amazing! Thank you for your wisdom and care for the small creatures and thank you for the way in which you educated my little one. He has been speaking about scorpions, snakes and spiders non-stop all weekend! I will definitely be joining for your next walk

  2. What an amazing walk with an incredible guide. Jonathan your knowledge is phenomenal but the ease and passion with which you share it is even more so.

    It was wonderful to the kids learning about creepy crwalies and conservation through play and exploration.

  3. Dear Johnathan, I believe that we all have a duty to contribute to a change in consciousness and each of us can do so. Most think that one person alone has no impact. But they are wrong. Each one can be a drop. And many drops together can become a Tsunami of change to save our heritage, our Mother Earth. You are one of the people who help create awareness to learn the love of our environment they forgot.
    I have dedicated this time in Covid to learn to love the insect world, to share my roses and succulents with the beetles and snails...just one little drop, but a drop nonetheless.
    Other than that I help the Wolf Sanctuary in Reitz as part of their steering committee. I am responsible to raise funds for our 220 wolves, 80 huskies and hybrids, 3 leopards, 4 horses and a bull.
    My dream is to create an awareness shift with regards to the misperceptions people have about wolves.
    I admire what you do with the scorpions and the knowledge you have. I am still learning about the wolves, and my female wolf that I live with is my constant teacher of the wonderful wild.
    Thank you for todays amazing walk and talk. Yvonne

  4. Thank you Jonathan for an interesting and insightful morning. Besides the walk, I enjoyed the fact that our local scorpion's bites are not fatal, and that our creepy-crawly's will rather stay out of our way than attack us.
    It was fun turning over rocks to see what lives under them...something like a treasure hunt

  5. Thank you for a most enjoyable morning Jonathan. The walk was fun, informal, very interactive and the information you shared so casually was invaluable!

  6. It was a very nice walk and we learned some great informations on venum and bites. Thanks you!
    I wish more crawling animals have showed itself but this is nature 🙂
    Wish to come another time
    Love seeing that scorpion

  7. This walk was wonderful, Jonathan is very knowledgeable and entertaining! My children loved seeing all the animals, being able to hold a scorpion was a highlight for my son.

  8. My son & i participated in a "scorpion walk" with Jonathan last Sunday. After a very informative intro, we hiked into the surrounding veld, and the heat & rough terrain were soon forgotten, with Jonathan's assurances that we "WILL find scorpions", coming to fruition very soon after embarking! We found a number of scorpions, including babies, a large wolf spider, 2 types of locusts, spittle bugs, centipedes and a stick insect. And the manner in which Jonathan picked up the scorpions AND calmed them was fascinating. I was hoping to hold one, but the kids fought me off & i was relegated to watching & admiring them, especially the young girl who is afraid of ants but calmly held a scorpion - Jonathan has great persuasive powers!
    What an educational, interesting and surprising morning - i'll definitely be back.
    For anyone considering a "creepy-crawly" walk with Jonathan - bring a few R10 notes - you may need them. I'll say no more!

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