Creepy Crawly Night Walk

Nurturing the next generation, who will inherit the future

Join Jonathan Leeming on a night time exploration in search of all kind of animals that creep and crawl. It will be an evening of spiders, scorpions, insects, frogs, toads and if we are lucky snakes! This family event is both fun and educating.  

Creepy Crawly Night Walks are held during the warmer months of the year. This popular event teaches conservation and respect for all creatures. Essential understanding for nurturing the next generation, who will inherit the future.

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  1. A walk with Jonathan is always worthy: you learn a lot and also he is a charming fun man.

    I definitely have learnt to be more relaxed around some 'creepy' animals. Jonathan is a big source of knowledge regarding conservation, nature, animal behaviour...

    He does great with kids too!

  2. Your night walk was amazing. My son Eklan cannot stop talking about it. It should be a compulsory event for all young children. You have made an impact that my son will never forget.

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