Scorpion Nature Explorer

Learning should be an exploration

The Scorpion Nature Explorer uncovers a world that is so familiar, yet largely unknown. It is packed with fascinating information such as the lifecycle of scorpions, differences between males and females, anatomy, scorpion identification, behaviour, responding to threats, where they live, predators, prey and parasites, venom, how to identify medically important scorpions, communication, eyes, super senses, biotechnology, why they come into houses, and their value in the world!

Written in a simple, practical and easy to understand language. There are 172 pages of scorpion information, multiple choice questions, practical field work activities and more.

The Scorpion Nature Explorer is ideal for nature and adventure guides, hunters, conservation students, nature enthusiasts, or just someone who wants to understand scorpions that they encounter at home or on holiday.

Free Resources

Download these free resources and share! If you have lost your copy of the multiple choice answers, crossword or word search, then please send me a request to

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