Scorpion Sting Short Course Feedback

Essential Scorpion Sting First Response by Jonathan Leeming

Big thank you to every who complete the Scorpion Sting First Response Short Course. Your feedback has been an important to the development of this content as well as understanding the general perceptions of scorpions and scorpion stings. I have grateful for you feedback!

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the initiative and putting that short-course & assessment a fantastic vehicle to get the knowledge-base up in the general population & generally improve understanding regarding venomous creatures in general, and scorpions in particular.

To answer your question regarding content and/or the assessment; I feel the content is very good taking the perspective of not being too medical or scientific only, but rather a holistic approach to managing a situation, in this case the patient & the scenario...thus putting people in a position to hopefully proactively manage the situation without being medically trained.

Kevin Lovell

Once again many thanks that we could include your course in our newsletter! I have attached the newsletter. We hope your book will be available soon and that many people will be interested to buy it and learn more about scorpions.

Mariska Bijsterbosch
Wildlife Vets Namibia

I love your novel approach to the subject. I hope that schools promote this free short course as it contains much needed education in today's world.

Rebecca Sharp

I'm on a mission to reduce the burden of spider bites and scorpion stings across Southern Africa!
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