The Story Of Snake Bite

Reducing the burden of snake bite across Southern Africa


There are few other animals that have such a profound influence upon the human mind than snakes. Steeped in symbolism, they have been an important influence in a wide variety of societies for thousands of years. They are feared more than any other animal, yet the average person knows very little about them. Their reputation is steeped in mystery, misinformation, old wives tales, yet there is a single aspect of their natural history that we are fixated upon… their venom.

The Story Of Snakebite takes a fresh look at snakebite in Southern Africa. It examines how snakebite affects society, snakebite management strategies that work, and answers the question: How can we reduce the burden of snakebite across Southern Africa?


  • 40 Minute presentation with questions.
  • Includes an important take home message. 
  • Can be delivered anywhere.


  • Understanding of snake bite in Southern Africa.
  • How to reduce the chance of being bitten by a snake. 
  • How to respond effectively to a snake bite. 
  • The consequences of our values and beliefs. 

Ideal For?

  • Ideal for social meetings, organisation events and educational sessions.
  • Applicable to a wide range of audience. 
  • Everyone who enjoys the great outdoors. 

Jonathan Leeming

Jonathan is Southern Africa’s leading authority on spider bite and scorpion sting first response. He is a best selling author, international speaker and award winning conservationist. He consults for poison information helplines, medical organisations and academic institutions, and speaks and is a panel member at medical conferences. His work has defined a generation, and has shaped our current understanding of spider bites and scorpion stings across Southern Africa.
Jonathan Leeming
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