Spiderbite & Scorpion Sting First Aid Course

Presented by Southern African authority on spiderbites and scorpion stings

The training course contains the most factual information currently available on medically important spiders and scorpions. It’s designed to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding that when a spider or scorpion related medical emergency occurs, it can be dealt with effectively and quickly. Presented by Jonathan Leeming

Course Outline


  • Perceptions/ first aid misinformation and medical advice.
  • Overview of Southern African envenomations. 
  • Roles and responsibility.
  • Sources of Understanding.
  • Composition of venoms and how they work.


  • Introduction.
  • Spiderbite first aid overview.
  • Identification.
  • Medically important spiders.
  • Other spiders.
  • Envenomation management.
  • When to seek professional medical advice.
  • What not to do!
  • Spiderbite misdiagnosis.
  • Antivenom.
  • Summary.


  • Introduction.
  • Scorpion first aid overview.
  • Identification.
  • Venomosity rule of thumb.
  • Envenomation management.
  • When to Consult a Doctor.
  • What Not to Do!
  • Scorpion sting misdiagnosis.
  • Antivenom.
  • Summary.

Wrapping up

  • Bites of unknown origin.
  • Animal envenomation management.
  • MRSA.
  • Poison Information Helpline.
  • South African Vaccine Producers.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • First aid supplies.

No prior knowledge of spiders or scorpions is necessary. The course includes:

  • All writing materials.
  • Workbook.
  • Assessment.
  • Certificate.
  • Presented by Southern Africa's leading authority on Spider bites and scorpion stings. 

Jonathan Leeming

Jonathan is a best selling author, international speaker and award winning conservationist. Guest speaker and panel member for the Eswatini Snakebite Symposium and the South African Snakebite Symposium, Jonathan consults for the poison information helpline and various medical organisations and academic institutions. He is a leading authority on spider bites and scorpion stings in Southern Africa, an engaging professional speaker and renowned conservationist. His work shapes our current understanding of scorpions and scorpion stings in Southern Africa.

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One comment on “Spiderbite & Scorpion Sting First Aid Course”

  1. Every time I have interaction with JL, I learn so much! The Spider Bites Scorpion Sting first aid course should be a for all parents who take their children camping, on walks or picnics. Thank you Jonathan for a wonderful morning.

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